In the heart of west bay

Hotel Park brings something different to Doha. Amid the bustle of Doha’s West Bay business district, families can now gather to enjoy abundant green spaces, child-friendly play areas, good food and modern accessible facilities.   
Hotel Park's sophisticated design and distinct architecture make for a unique visitor experience.  Discover a secluded area to read in the water gardens, picnic under the shade of a Date Palm, or lounge under the light of West Bay’s skyscrapers. 


Vibrant and flourishing


This is your park, and it’s alive.  Explore the five water features and surround yourself with 15 species of flora from all over the world.  Kids can delight in designated play areas or chase a football in the park’s open spaces.  

Parents need not worry due to Hotel Park’s 24/7 security, safety lighting, convenient underground parking and accessible restrooms.  



Close to Business

A break from the boardroom

Hotel Park is a tranquil escape steps away from West Bay, perfect for a lunch break.  Dine with family and friends at one of the park’s restaurants, or grab a bite on the go from a vendor or food and beverage outlets.  Hotel Park’s restaurants is serving a variety of cuisine.



Park Management


 Project Manager
Mawaqif QDVP P.Q.S.C.

Faouzi's knowledge comes from managing & operating assets in France and Qatar.

To co-build the park and car park of the future along with our visitors and users, Faouzi strives to optimize the operations and propose a high quality services.

To ensure this is so, Faouzi measure the level of satisfaction at each stage on their route, the smoothness of which he is constantly attentive to.

Hotel Park service offering is part of a continuous improvement approach.

The quality of the facilities, the cleanliness and security are among his priorities.